Journeyman HVAC License, required Six to seven years of experience Basic knowledge of plumbing preferred but not required Performance Criteria: Maintain and repair exhaust fans. Bearings, belts, grease, etc. Maintain and repair air handling equipment. Grease and repair bearings, belts. Maintain and replace motors, pulleys, springs. Clean coils, pans & drains. Repair or replace dampers, damper motors, seals, etc. Check Metasys for proper operating temps, airflow, damper operations, and make repairs to anything that is not working correctly. Maintain & repair all pumps & motors, rebuild pumps, replace pumps & motors, seals, grease bearings, etc. Diagnose any problems with any and all HVAC equipment to determine parts needed for repairs. Locate pricing for parts, ordering of parts, and pick them up if needed. Changing filters in all air handling equipment. Maintain all air conditioning equipment to include coil cleaning, diagnosis of problems, repair of problems, controls, refrigerant. Water treatment of all closed loop systems (chilled water, heating water), adding correct chemicals when needed. Water treatment of condenser water systems, monitor chemical levels, adjust as needed, maintain & repair chemical pumps, cleaning chemicals, pumps & injectors, testing, ordering of chemicals & related materials. Maintenance and repair of cooling towers to include cleaning, greasing bearings, replacing belts, replacing motor to shaft couplings, etc. Clean & maintain all pump strainers. Maintain & repair boilers, boiler controls, pumps, flus, drain lines, piping, diagnosis & repair. Contact, schedule & deal with outside contractors for anything we need done that I cannot do or do not have time to do. Diagnose & repair anything HVAC or plumbing related that was not done correctly to begin with during construction – this could be anything under the sun. Perform repairs for all work orders in a timely manner as possible considering all other responsibilities. If you want to know what those repairs/problems are look at School Dude. Deal with & take care of all alarms coming to us on Metasys. This could be anything from room temps to down equipment, but is almost always an emergency. Assist with managing & explaining & operating Metasys Background check completion and pre-employment physical required prior to employment Benefits Include: IPERS retirement account Health and Dental Insurance paid for the employee (spouse/family coverage available at an additional cost) 2 Personal Days 10 Sick days 15 Vacation days " />
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HVAC Specialist
Job Description
Primary Location Operations Facility
Salary Range $30.22 - $33.50 / Per Hour
Shift Type Full-Time